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The Strength Of Cold Rolled Steel Is Very High

Aug 16, 2017

Cold rolled steel refers to the cold rolling method and produced a variety of cold rolled steel.

The difference between cold rolled and hot rolled steel is not in the smelting process, but in the rolling temperature, or the rolling temperature. The finish rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the steel to become cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled steel surface bright, good quality, can be directly used to process finished products, the application is also very wide. But it requires the rolling mill power, Cold Rolled Steel rolling efficiency is low, Cold Rolled Steel and the rolling process in order to eliminate the hardening of the process but also for intermediate annealing, the higher the cost.

Cold rolling is often used to roll sheets, strips and pipes.

Cold rolled steel: its strength is high, but toughness, poor solderability, relatively hard, crisp, bright surface.

Cold rolled steel and stainless steel is the difference between cold-rolled steel is a steel, stainless steel is a class of steel.

Cold rolled steel is a steel: the production of cold rolled steel is cold rolled steel, stainless steels and therefore relatively poor weldability cold rolled steel, the surface of brittle, hard, Cold Rolled Steel it is not suitable for processing, to the general cold rolled steel The customer first requires the first annealing, pickling and surface leveling steps.

Cold rolled steel, hot-rolled coil is mainly through the material, each volume can reach 13.5 tons, and stainless steel raw materials are not, as well as chromium, molybdenum and other metals belonging to the category is limited.

Cold-rolled steel is generally divided into ordinary class (C <0.12%), lower level (C <0.10%) and ultra-low carbon level (C <0.08%), the better the low carbon content cold plastic, Cold Rolled Steel used in the electronics industry More extensive, the thickness is generally less than 3mm, more than 3mm cold-rolled steel cold processing more difficult.

Due to the different hot rolled steel sheet production process, cold plastic is better, good press formability, abrasion of the mold is also small, and therefore in industrial applications, are generally hot rolled steel sheet cold-rolled steel sheet thickness.

General cold-rolled steel such as galvanized, color steel plate must be annealed, so the plasticity and elongation is also good, widely used in automobiles, home appliances, hardware and other industries! Hot-rolled sheet general surface finish can not meet the requirements, Cold Rolled Steel so hot-rolled steel strip to be cold-rolled, as well as hot-rolled strip thickness of the thinest in general 1.0mm, cold rolling can reach 0.1mm. Professional point that hot rolling is more than the crystallization temperature of the rolling, cold rolling is below the crystallization temperature of the rolling.