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The Role Of The Coil

Jul 01, 2017

A steel plate is also called a coil.

The roll is like a toilet paper. (Describe is not very appropriate)

Coil to use when the need to use flattened machine stretched into a flat use.

The use of a lot of refrigerators, refrigerators, washing machines, household appliances, and other industries are wrapped around the coil.

Steel, also known as steel. Steel hot pressing, cold forming into a roll. Galvalume Steel Coil In order to facilitate storage and transportation, to facilitate a variety of processing (such as processing into steel, steel, etc.).

The roll is mainly hot rolled and cold rolled. The hot rolled coil is a processed product before the billet is recrystallized. Cold rolled coils are the subsequent processing of hot rolled coils. The weight of the coil is about 15-30T. This year, China's hot-rolled production capacity has been expanding, Galvalume Steel Coil there are dozens of hot-rolled production lines, there are some projects to be opened or put into operation.

Rolled coil rolled mainly for large customers, the general user does not open the volume of equipment or limited use. So the subsequent processing of the coil will be very promising industry. Of course, the current relatively large steel mills have their own open and flat items.

The coil wrapping protects the coil from damage during storage and transportation, but at the same time increases the cost of the product. Therefore, Galvalume Steel Coil what kind of packaging process can reduce the cost of the market economy under the conditions of each production plant should be concerned about and research issues.

There are two kinds of steel packaging process: First, simple packaging. After the winding of the coil is completed, 1 to 3 steel strips are bundled on the outer circle. The process is suitable for hot-rolled coil, cold rolled and short-distance transport and transport conditions better coil; second is fine packaging. In accordance with the packaging process requirements, the different packaging materials Galvalume Steel Coil wrapped in the outer surface of the coil and tied

The process is suitable for cold-rolled plates, especially silicon steel plates.

The effects of various packaging materials are as follows:

(1) rust-proof paper: close to the outer surface of the coil to prevent the coil rust.

(2) plastic bags: wrapped in rust-proof paper outside, for waterproof.

(3) inside and outside the metal: to protect the coil, rust paper and plastic bags.

(4) thick plastic plate: to reduce the impact of lifting on the coil.

(5) inside and outside the iron angle: to protect the most vulnerable to the edge of the coil.

(6) inside and outside the paper Corner: the protection of rust-proof paper and plastic bags, to avoid scratching the edge of the coil.

(7) Bundle: Mainly used for pneumatic locking baler, fixed joints, Galvalume Steel Coil to prevent local stress is too large.

(8) Weekly strapping: usually 3, next to the two for the fixed outer iron angle used, the middle one for the fixed eye strap.

(9) eyebrows strapping: 4 or 6, the volume of the tape with a real effect from the fixed coil.