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Roofing Sheets And Corrugated Thin Steel Plate Job Security

Feb 22, 2017

1) enter the site, you must wear a helmet, buckle chinstrap, and proper use of personal protective equipment.
2) fail to comply with the personnel working at height, will be prohibited from working at height and forbid drinking and working at height.
3) strictly correct use of PPE. Compliance with the working at height regulations, the tool must be people and objects thrown on high is strictly prohibited.
4) vacant job should have a secure footing and must depend on the specific circumstances, configuration, fence, railing or other safety devices.
5) work in the sloping roof, first check the roof purlins are smoothly and securely. Raoul Bova to pile up along the slope, each stack shall not exceed three, prohibited materials placed on the Rafter is not fixed, so as not to roll down or being blown down, accident.
6) at the nail shop in the sloping roof sheet, you must use skid with a cord ladder, no roofing project, skid plate opposite two nails must be linked and muleng.
7) has Frost, ice or shaving six-level wind work against.
8) whenever you cut pieces of steel plate, should be cleared in a timely manner, so as not to hurt legs.