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Quality Points Of Waveform Guardrail

Feb 22, 2017

Corrugated guardrail of Expressway is the main form of steel fence, it is a fence of corrugated steel plates appended to each other and the main columns supporting the continuous structure. Subgrade deformation to absorb crash energy, columns, beams, and forced out of control vehicle changes direction, return to normal traffic direction, preventing them from ROR to protect vehicles and their passengers, reducing losses due to accidents.
Vehicles for their collision, due to the corrugated steel fence panels good Crashworthiness and the role of energy, are less likely to be crashed, while the vehicle and driver and conductor have very good protection. When road maintenance or other reasons and when can be easier to pull out the opening sets of guardrail removal, open up channels to facilitate traffic.
Classification according to location of the corrugated guardrail and crash rating to divide. At set locations, can generally be divided into road-side guardrail and median guardrail; crash levels can generally be divided into class a and s-class.
Corrugated guardrail on the quality of what is it? It is necessary for us to distinguish about the distinction between international and non-international. W-beam steel fence plate GB difference with non-GB to be seen from the following: 1 appearance 2, size 3, coating thickness.
W-beam steel guardrail visually uniform surface should be complete, consistent color, practicality is smooth, sagging, diliu or redundant agglomeration is not allowed. Should be leak-free plating, lutie and other defects. Board not allowed torsion, edge wave deformation defect;
W-beam steel fence plate dimensions: 4320 (length) *310 (width) *85 (wave height) *3.0/4.0 (thickness). Especially to note is the thickness dimension, because the thickness is visually, some manufacturers of 2.75 is 3.0 with corrugated steel fence Board to sell a defective product;
Coating thickness is the most important point, the thickness of the coating is measured out by the naked eye, shoddy here the situation is more serious, galvanized steel fence of wave beam plate GB requirements: at least 85 mg per square meter. 85 milligrams is non-standard. Steel spray w-beam guardrail GB is the total coating thickness should be at least 115 mg per square meter.
The waveforms on the highway guarding Board is first of all components in contact with runaway vehicles, passing through w-beam collision force spread to multiple columns, by post to ground forces. Role of runaway vehicles and barricades with the passage of time, changing the location, w-beam is mainly to tensile, impact collision vehicles, bellows are expanded, absorbing energy, tensile strength of w-beam in addition to meeting the requirements, should also have good direction and absorbs energy performance. W-beam guardrail, the column and the blockage and connecting bolts (bolts between the posts and barriers) used in structural steel Q235 carbon steel, its technical condition should be consistent with the provisions of the carbon structure steel yield point should not be less than 235Mpa, tensile strength should be 385) 460Mpa. Bending radius at no more than 1.5 times without cracking; high-strength bolts (of a guardrail between the stitching bolts) material for the 45th steel or 20MnTtB steel, steel yield point should not be less than 990Mpa, than 1100Mpa tensile strength, elongation ≥ 10%, HRC33-99 shrinkage 42% Rockwell hardness.
General section of the waveform guardrail of 4 meters, length of guardrail is 4320MM, and for dangerous sections to install the 2 meter fence panels, stiffeners, length of 2320MM. Strengthening reinforced with corrugated steel fence equipment compact structure, easy to install, not only to strengthen central separate belt of Highway w-beam guardrail forming anti impact properties of steel to prevent fence broken, also guarantee vehicle safety on the highway, in particular to ensure the safety of driving vehicles, greatly reducing the chance of the occurrence of serious traffic accidents.
There is a height extension unit with corrugated steel fence, its low cost, quick construction, little influence on traffic, adapt to the roadbed, the guardrail Foundation, and subgrade and hardened hardened shoulders, median impact.