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High Coil Strength

Jul 25, 2017

A steel plate is also called a coil.

The use of a lot of refrigerators, refrigerators, washing machines, household appliances, and other industries are wrapped around the coil.

The steel roll is the steel roll size.


According to the progress of the project, the coil code is conducive to the tracking and management of product quality, so that the future production with a rational and future quality control, Galvalume Steel Coil troubleshooting troubleshooting time, contribute to the smooth production of automation, Galvalume Steel Coil improve and stabilize the product quality conducive to production Order arrangement and coil classification. For future production to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

What is the coil

1) coil, we in ordinary life, known as the color coated roll or colorful coated steel plate, it is a kind of production line in a row of degreased strip by phosphating and so on chemical transfer process After the process, and then coated with organic coating of steel through the high temperature baking after the product, usually, Galvalume Steel Coil the appearance of this steel plate is a contrastive bright color, Galvalume Steel Coil we also put this steel plate called color steel plate and Color coated board.

2) coil is a composite material, both steel and organic material both a bit. Both the mechanical strength of steel and easy to shape the function, but also organic materials outstanding decorative, corrosion resistance.

3) coated steel varieties can be divided into: polyester, Galvalume Steel Coil silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, high weathering polyester, clinker sol.

2. The role of the coil

1) coated steel plate, the choice of domestic and foreign leading particles of anti-scratch coating paint technology for curing, than the general use of the board to enhance the scratch resistance of more than 5 times, can resist the sharp object of the scratch. Mainly used in garage doors, Galvalume Steel Coil shutter doors and windows, home appliances and other areas.

2) dedicated color coated board, to cooperate with the principle of solar polysilicon heating, excellent decoration effect and maintenance effect, the solar industry has been widely recognized. Galvalume Steel Coil The primary colors are pearl silver, gold, printed LOGO board.

The advantages of the coil

1) light weight, because the color plate itself is lighter, easy to transport, to save the construction period.

2) environmental protection, color steel production of the activities of the room can be reused, both environmentally friendly and save money, no pollution without noise.

3) high strength, because it is steel structure, strong, compressive bending resistance.

4) smooth appearance easy to clean, Galvalume Steel Coil colorful galvanized steel surface is not rough, long anti-corrosion, suitable for repeated use.