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Global Steel Overcapacity In Steel Exports (Tiger)

Feb 22, 2017

In January this year, China's steel export 7.42 million tons, down 23.2%, for 6 consecutive months compared with negative growth. Except under the influence of background of country capacity, is the main cause of decline in China's exports of steel trade friction and relative concentration, show increasing trend. On February 2 in Washington, United States Department of Commerce to China stainless steel sheet and strip the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation final, ruling that Chinese enterprises anti-dumping 63.86%~76.64% and 75.6%~190.71% countervailing rates.
According to the Ministry of Commerce of China trade remedy information database statistics of cases in 2016, China's steel industry suffered 52 trade remedy cases, an increase of 40.54%, has the following characteristics: one is the relative concentration of cases. These cases from 21 countries or areas, with 35 cases of trade friction by India, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa and other developing economies in the 16 countries or areas, 67.31%; the remaining 17 cases from the United States, the European Union, Canada, New Zealand and 5 developed economies such as Australia, accounted for more than 32.69%. Two is the type of case the relative concentration. Anti-dumping cases initiated by the developing country economies mainly, reaching a total of 34, accounted for 65%; anti-subsidy cases mainly initiated by developed economies, reaching a total of 11, accounted for 21.15%, safeguard cases initiated by the developing economies for a total of 8, accounted for 15.38%. Third, the relative concentration of cases. Construction steel, hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled sheet and plate, profiles, coated sheet, stainless steel, and steel pipes, covering almost all the steel variety. Mainly sheet metal and long products, hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled sheet, such as 25, accounted for 48.08%, wire rod, Rebar in concrete equaling material 10, accounted for 19.23%, 17 other steel products, accounted for 32.69%.
Chinese steel firms have frequently been trade friction is also mainly due to the world economic downturn, global steel overcapacity, national restrictions to protect the domestic steel industry. China's accession to the WTO has been 15 years, but the United States, the European Union, Japan and other major trading partners over "surrogate country" articles, has tried to extend anti-dumping "surrogate country" practices lead to increased trade friction.
According to Ministry of commerce data, in 2016, China suffered in all of the cases of trade remedy investigations against Chinese steel products amounted to us $7.895 billion involved, accounting for 55% of the total amount of all cases. In foreign countries on China's iron and steel trade protection has attracted copycat effect, will severely affect China's steel product exports. To promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's iron and steel industry, inspection and quarantine departments to recommendations: one is to adjust the structure of export products, promoting the supply side reforms. Adjusting the structure of export products, optimize capacity, development, transformation of growth pattern. Strengthening the construction of quality brands, the full implementation of green manufacturing, defuse excess capacity, improve their competitiveness and capacity for sustainable development. Second, actively cope with trade frictions, seek world trade rules. In-depth analysis of the reason for trade friction, and strive to reduce trade friction and pressure from the source. Carefully study WTO rules, close attention to the trend of trade frictions, strengthening consultations with the negotiation of the relevant country or region, seeking practical solutions. Third is to promote steel enterprises mergers and acquisitions, improve industry concentration. Quicken the steps of steel industry consolidation, merger and reorganization of the implementation, expand the scale of backbone enterprises with comparative advantages, enhance the industrial concentration, based on the big, strong China's iron and steel industry. Four is to expand overseas investments, implement the strategy of market diversification. Implementation of the strategy of going out, increasing foreign investment in the steel industry, to avoid trade friction. While adjusting the structure of exported steel products market in a timely manner, to consolidate the development of the traditional market, actively avoiding anti-dumping countries develop "along the way" along the national market.