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Galvanized Finish What

Feb 22, 2017

With the expansion of hot dip galvanized sheet, modernization of strip continuous hot galvanizing line through the steel strip finishing can achieve the following objectives:
(1) improving the straightness and flatness of sheet and zinc particles on the surface of the flat, make the surface smooth, for future deep-drawing and other precision high occasions are especially beneficial.
(2) use the finishing rolls, after previously blasting, so after finishing of galvanized plate has some roughness on the surface. It can improve the adhesion of the coating, can store a certain amount of oil in deep-drawing process, good die lubrication;
(3) for later painted galvanized plate, despite controlling the surface into small zinc flower small zinc flower can still be revealed through the paint. So, for some demanding galvanized sheet, small zinc flower surface longer after finishing treatment. This allows galvanized sheet for a more uniform silvery-white appearance.
(4) by finishing, you can lower the yield point, yielding platforms disappear or not-so-obvious, can prevent later there was a slip line for stretching or deep drawing processing, improving deep-drawing.