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Color Coated Sheet In Paint What I Should Pay Attention To

Feb 22, 2017

Color coated sheet in paint what I should pay attention to:
1, primer epoxy primer (p-type, polyurethane cross-linking, epoxy phosphoric acid ester); modified epoxy primer (modified by polyurethane, polyester, polyamide modified), polyester Primer (p-type, polyurethane cross-linking); water base paints (waterborne paint, acrylic latex Primer).
2, Paint Epoxy on the back (with the same epoxy primer), polyester (amino-polyester, epoxy, epoxy-polyester); amino-alkyd and polyurethane.
3, and surface paint vinyl class volume material surface paint; plastic Sol and organic Sol (PVC class); polyester class (amino type has flexible 0~1T and hard 2~3T of points, polyurethane type has TDI type and HDI type of points); Silicon modified sex polyester class (hot spell: organic silicon content 25%~50%; cold spell: organic silicon content is less than 30%); Acrylic class (thermosetting, which solvent type has alkylation methyl oxygen base acrylic amine of copolymer resin business have of since make joint type paint, for pretreatment had of aluminum material Shang, not needed primer ; Water type has water acrylic paint, with amino resin for make joint agent); can welding type class (used zinc powder, or not containing resin of with chrome acid, and zinc powder and the other chemical Crystal composition of water baking paint, or with line epoxy resin for base material of containing large fine particles zinc powder of can welding rich zinc paint); fluoride carbon resin class (main varieties is with poly partial II fluoride vinyl resin mainly made of dispersed type paint, its fluoride carbon resin content at least accounted for total resin volume of 70%, its solid content at least accounted for total solid content of 40%, Other ingredients are acrylic resin.