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Cold Rolled Steel Is Widely Used In The Manufacturing Industry

Aug 07, 2017

Cold rolled steel refers to the cold rolling method and produced a variety of cold rolled steel.

The difference between cold rolled and hot rolled steel is not in the smelting process, but in the rolling temperature, or the rolling temperature. The finish rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the steel to become cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled steel surface bright, good quality, can be directly used to process finished products, the application is also very wide. But it requires the rolling mill power, Cold Rolled Steel rolling efficiency is low, and the rolling process in order to eliminate the hardening of the process but also for intermediate annealing, the higher the cost.

Cold rolling is often used to roll sheets, strips and pipes.

The so-called cold-rolled steel is actually the kind of relatively thin, rectangular plate steel, their general thickness of 0.1-3mm range, the width of more than 100-2000mm range, and the length is generally longer. From the production process point of view, cold-rolled steel is at room temperature through the cold rolling mill rolling, Cold Rolled Steel finished cold-rolled steel is generally rolled into the package. Cold rolled steel is also more than the material and model, but the general cold-rolled steel will be marked with steel grades, through the grades we can know their material and specifications.

Because cold rolled steel has the advantages of smooth surface, Cold Rolled Steel high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties, it is widely used in various types of manufacturing industry and is also an important raw material for building materials. At present, in some industrialized countries, cold rolled steel production has accounted for about 30% of the entire steel production.

Cold rolled steel according to steel and specifications can be divided into many kinds of different types of cold-rolled steel will have a specific use of the specific differences, but in general cold rolled steel is mainly used for automotive, shipbuilding, electricity, coal, , Home appliances, Cold Rolled Steel hardware and other industries, for example, grades SPCC, Q195, Q235-B cold rolled steel is mainly used for construction machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, lifting machinery, agricultural machinery and light industry and other industries General structural parts and stamping parts, and, for example, cold rolled ordinary strip for manufacturing bicycles, sewing machines, agricultural machinery and other accessories and hardware products.

The specific use of cold-rolled steel is not a matter of words can be said clearly, a cold-rolled steel in the end what kind of specific use is its steel, material, specifications, Cold Rolled Steel performance and other factors determine the same, and the same cold The specific use of rolling steel may also be a number of aspects. We have to make better use of cold-rolled steel, you have to fully understand a variety of different varieties of cold-rolled steel.