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Cold Rolled Steel Is Widely Used In Automobile Industry

Sep 28, 2017

Cold rolled steel has high strength, high hardness and bright surface.

Cold rolled steel requires a large power, low rolling efficiency, and in order to eliminate processing hardening in the process of the intermediate annealing, Cold Rolled Steel so the cost is higher, but the surface of cold-rolled steel bright, good quality, can be directly used to process finished products, so cold rolled steel plate application is very wide.

Cold Rolled steel: steel plate rolled without heating, at ambient temperature (strictly speaking, under recrystallization temperature).

The automobile industry and household appliances use cold-rolled steel many. Cold-rolled steel is generally divided into ordinary grade (c<0.12%), Low carbon grade (c<0.11%) and ultra-low carbon grade (c<0.8%), the lower the carbon content of cold plasticity, the more widely used in the electronics industry, plate thickness is generally less than 3mm, more than 3mm cold rolling steel plate is more difficult, Cold Rolled Steel Because of the different production and processing technology, the hot-rolled steel sheet is better and the stamping formability is good. The friction of the mold is also small, so in industrial applications, hot rolled steel plate generally can be thicker than cold-rolled steel sheet. Generally cold-rolled steel such as galvanized, color plate must be annealed, Cold Rolled Steel so the plastic and elongation rate is also good, widely used in automobiles, home appliances, hardware and other industries! Hot Rolled plate general surface finish does not meet the requirements, so hot-rolled steel strips need cold rolling, and hot-rolled steel strip thickness of the thinnest general in 1.0mm, cold-rolled can reach 0.1mm. Cold Rolled Steel Professional point said hot rolling is the crystallization temperature above the rolling, cold rolling is the crystallization temperature below the rolling. A general process of steel production, as follows: Ironmaking → steelmaking → continuous casting (or die casting) → Hot-rolled (out of hot-rolled products) → cold-rolled (cold rolled products) general structure of the work, Kok, Groove Steel, H-beam are hot rolled steel, medium and heavy plate is hot rolled steel, that is, hot-rolled after the finished product. Some products also need to be cold-rolled after hot rolling, Cold Rolled Steel such as hot rolled coil to cold rolled sheet. In some applications, such as car panels, home appliances, the need for cold-rolled plate, to ensure the size of precision and surface quality, and the structure of the general hot-rolled material is enough. Hot-rolled, cold-rolled can be selected in the case, see more in the steel pipe, the same specifications of seamless steel tubes, both hot-rolled, there are cold-rolled or cold drawn, hot rolling production line is the basic continuous, Cold Rolled Steel cold rolling and cold drawn for the discontinuous production. The surface quality and dimension accuracy of cold-rolled steel pipe are better than that of hot rolled steel pipe.

From the ingredients, cold-rolled steel is low carbon steel, Cold Rolled Steel because the carbon content is low, its plasticity is good, can be cold-rolled. From the surface quality, the cold-rolled plate surface quality is better than the hot-rolled plate, because the steel surface will produce oxidized skin during hot rolling.