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Cold Rolled Steel Is Widely Used

Jun 16, 2017

Cold rolled steel: its strength is high, but toughness, poor solderability, relatively hard, crisp, Cold Rolled Steel bright surface.

Common cold rolled steel has a maximum thickness of 8mm

Cold rolled steel allows partial buckling of the cross section, which can take full advantage of the post-buckling capacity of the bar; and hot-rolled steel does not allow partial buckling of the section.

Cold rolled steel is hot rolled coil as raw material, at room temperature in the recrystallization temperature below the rolling, including the plate and volume, many domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel can produce. Which is called the delivery of steel plate, Cold Rolled Steel also known as box or plate; length is very long, called the delivery of steel called steel, also known as reel.

③ general cold-rolled steel: refers to the type of carbon steel rolled into the plate products (usually rolled into a roll), there are other bar, Cold Rolled Steel wire and so on.

Stainless steel refers to the addition of Cr, Ni and other elements of the alloy steel, Cold Rolled Steel which represents 304 stainless steel, stainless steel also distinguish between plates, bars, profiles, wire and so on.

④ cold-rolled steel: its strength is high, but toughness, poor solderability, relatively hard, crisp, bright surface.

Cold rolled steel surface appearance and the use of a variety of possible corrosion resistance, better than ordinary steel long-term durability and high corrosion resistance, and thus the possibility of the use of thin plate high temperature oxidation and high strength, it can fire at room temperature processing, that is, Easy to plastic processing because there is no need to surface treatment, so simple, simple maintenance, clean finish high welding performance.

The difference between cold rolled and hot rolled steel is not in the smelting process, but in the rolling temperature, or the rolling temperature. The finish rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the steel to become cold rolled steel. Cold Rolled Steel Hot rolled steel is easy to roll, steel rolling efficiency is high, but hot rolling conditions, steel oxidation, the product surface is dark gray. Cold rolled steel requires the rolling mill with high power and low rolling efficiency, and the intermediate annealing is necessary to eliminate the work hardening during the rolling process. However, the cold rolled steel surface is bright and of good quality and can be used directly Finished, so cold rolled steel plate is widely used.