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Cold Rolled Steel Is Cold Rolled Steel Production

Jul 13, 2017

Cold rolled steel: its strength is high, but toughness, poor solderability, relatively hard, crisp, bright surface.

Rolling: it is very high strength, but toughness, poor solderability, relatively hard, crisp, bright surface. Stainless steel: the appearance of the surface and the use of the possibility of diversification of good corrosion resistance, better than ordinary steel durable corrosion resistance is high, Cold Rolled Steel so the possibility of use of thin plate high temperature oxidation and high strength, it can fire at room temperature processing, Plastic processing because it does not have to surface treatment, so simple, Cold Rolled Steel simple maintenance clean, high finish

In our lives cold rolled steel his position is getting higher and higher, and a friend asked why, very simple of course, his role is constantly getting bigger. But the ensuing cold rolling of his problems will be shown.

Cold rolled steel is a kind of steel which has been subjected to strong drawing hardening beyond the strain hardening stage. It has high strength but toughness, poor weldability, relatively hard and fast ironmaking → steelmaking → continuous casting (or casting) → Hot rolling (hot rolling products) → cold rolling (cold rolling products) such as: 1000 degrees or more, hot rolling is processed at high temperatures. Cold Rolled Steel So that the internal steel recrystallization. Make it better material But hot rolling does not change the structural properties of the metal.

Cold rolled steel is cold rolled steel production. Cold rolling is a steel sheet in which the No. 1 steel sheet is further rolled to a target thickness at room temperature. Compared with hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel plate thickness is more accurate, and the surface is smooth, beautiful, Cold Rolled Steel but also has a variety of superior mechanical properties, especially the processing performance. Because the cold rolled original roll is more brittle, not suitable for processing, so usually cold rolled steel plate after annealing, pickling and surface after leveling to the customer. The maximum thickness of cold rolling is 0.1 - 8.0MM the following, Cold Rolled Steel such as most of the cold-rolled steel plate thickness is 4.5MM below; minimum thickness, width is based on the plant's equipment capacity and market demand and decide.

So cold-rolled steel with hot-rolled steel is the biggest difference. Cold rolled steel from the factory. No need to re-processing but directly to do the product, such as stamping into the car on the baffle and the like and hot Steel after the factory to go through the annealing --- processing ----- molding --- heat treatment ---- and then finishing ------ the last product