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Cold Rolled Steel Is Also Widely Used

Sep 07, 2017

Cold rolled steel is a kind of cold-rolled steel which is produced by cold rolling method.

The difference between cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel is not in smelting process, but in rolling temperature, or in the end temperature of rolling. The final rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the steel to become cold-rolled steel.

Cold-rolled steel surface bright, good quality, Cold Rolled Steel can be directly used for processing finished products, the application is also very extensive. However, the rolling mill has high power, low rolling efficiency and intermediate annealing in order to eliminate machining hardening in the process of rolling.

Cold rolling is commonly used to roll sheet, steel strip and steel pipe.

Cold-rolled steel is a kind of steel: cold-rolled steel is a cold rolled steel, so cold-rolled steel relative to stainless steel welding performance is relatively poor, the surface is relatively brittle, hard, Cold Rolled Steel not suitable for processing, generally speaking, cold-rolled steel to customers before the requirements of the first after annealing, pickling and surface formation and other steps.

The thickness difference between cold-rolled steel and stainless steel is quite large, the most common cold-rolled steel thickness is 8mm, while stainless steel has no limited thickness; cold-rolled steel is mainly through hot rolled steel coils for raw materials, each volume can reach 13.5 tons, Cold Rolled Steel and stainless steel raw materials are not limited to steel, there are chromium, molybdenum and other categories of metal materials.

Conclusion: Cold-rolled steel is a kind of steel, plain cold rolled steel is cold-rolled steel; stainless steel is a class of steel, this category is divided into many kinds, such as austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, etc. in the selection of cold-rolled steel is a targeted purchase, Cold Rolled Steel cold-rolled steel on a material, and stainless steel needs to buy according to their own needs of different materials of stainless steel.