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Cold Rolled Steel Has Good Welding Performance

Oct 25, 2017

The strength of cold-rolled steel is very high, but the toughness, weldability is poor, more hard, crisp, surface brightness.

Cold-rolled steel is a kind of steel: cold-rolled steel is a cold rolled steel, so cold-rolled steel relative to stainless steel welding performance is relatively poor, Cold Rolled Steel the surface is relatively brittle, hard, not suitable for processing, generally speaking, cold-rolled steel to customers before the requirements of the first after annealing, pickling and surface formation and other steps.

Cold rolled steel is used as raw material of hot rolled strip or steel plate, Cold Rolled Steel and rolled in cold rolling mill at ambient temperature.

Cold rolled steel has many kinds and is widely used. In order to distinguish various chemical composition and various uses of strip, it is easy to choose and use, must know the steel number, and the steel number representation method and the steel classification has the close relation.

The classification method of cold-rolled steel is many, mainly according to the method of obtaining steel, the chemical composition of steel, the quality of steel and the use of steel.

Product Features:

(1) Cold Rolled Steel have good durability, corrosion resistance and galvanized steel plate life longer than;

(2) Cold Rolled Steel with good heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel plate in the high temperature is not easy to change color;

(3) Good thermal reflectance;

(4) has the similar processing performance and the spraying performance with the galvanized steel plate;

(5) Good welding performance.

(6) Cold Rolled Steel has the good performance price ratio, the durable performance and the extremely competitive price. Therefore, whether the architect, engineer or manufacturer has been widely used in industrial buildings, steel structures and civilian facilities