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Cold Rolled Steel Has Good Stamping Performance

Sep 19, 2017

Cold rolled steel is blown at room temperature. Hot-rolled steel sheet is rolled at high temperature, in general, cold rolled steel has better strength, hot-rolled steel plate has a better ductility, and particularly willing to build materials, electrician has a detailed hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel The difference between the offer. The general thickness of cold rolled steel is relatively small, Cold Rolled Steel hot rolled can have a larger thickness. Cold rolled steel surface quality, appearance, dimensional accuracy are better than hot-rolled plate, and its product thickness of the right thin to about 0.18mm, so more popular. For the acceptance of the product, Cold Rolled Steel you can ask the professionals to carry out.

Cold rolled steel due to a certain degree of work hardening, toughness is low, but can achieve a better yield ratio, used to cold bending spring and other parts, and because the yield point closer to the tensile strength, so the use of the process of no danger Foreseeable, prone to accidents when the load exceeds the allowable load.

Cold rolled steel is hot rolled steel as raw material, at room temperature in the recrystallization temperature below the rolling, cold rolled steel is produced by cold rolling process steel plate, Cold Rolled Steel referred to as cold plate. The thickness of the cold-rolled plate is generally between 0.1 and 8.0mm. Most of the cold-rolled steel produced by the factory is 4.5mm or less. The thickness and width of the cold-rolled plate are determined according to the equipment capacity and market demand of each factory.

Cold rolled steel is a steel sheet which is further rolled to a desired thickness at room temperature under the recrystallization temperature. Compared with hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel thickness is more accurate, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

Cold rolled steel Uses and types:

Cold rolled strip with a wide range of uses, Cold Rolled Steel such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, locomotives and rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, canned food and so on.

Cold-rolled steel plate is a common carbon structural steel cold-rolled plate referred to, also known as cold-rolled plate, commonly known as cold plate, Cold Rolled Steel sometimes mistakenly written into cold rolling plate. The cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled strip, after further cold rolling made of less than 4mm thickness of the steel plate. Cold Rolled Steel Since the surface of the cold plate is of good quality and high in dimensional accuracy, and its annealing performance, the mechanical properties and process performance are better than those of the hot rolled steel sheet. In many fields, especially in the field, Home appliance manufacturing, has gradually replaced it with hot-rolled thin steel plate.

Cold rolled ordinary thin steel plate: made of ordinary carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel cold rolling. Cold rolled sheet surface quality is better. Has a good stamping performance. Its requirements to ensure that the cold-bend and cup test qualified, commonly used in automotive and other industries and coating plate of raw materials.

Cold-rolled high-quality steel plate: mainly including a variety of high-quality steel cold-rolled sheet, the most commonly used carbon steel plate, especially deep drawing cold-rolled steel plate, is low-carbon high-quality steel 08Al cold rolled sheet, Quality, divided into three groups; Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, respectively, Cold Rolled Steel said the special advanced, advanced, high finishing surface, according to the pull level is divided into ZF, HF, F (on behalf of the most complicated for the drawing Complex, complex parts), according to the thickness of the plate to allow the deviation, is divided into A, B two-level accuracy, Cold Rolled Steel widely used in automobile tractor industry.

Cold-rolled steel, smooth surface, excellent processing, for cars, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, as well as industrial equipment, Cold Rolled Steel all kinds of building materials. With economic development, cold rolled steel has been called the necessary material for modern society. Cold-rolled products classification: hot-rolled pickling, rolling hard roll, ordinary cold-rolled, galvanized (galvanized, fingerprint resistant, hot-dip galvanized), galvanized, electroplated tin, color coated, electrical steel (silicon steel) Wait.