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Anti-rust Properties Of Steel Coils

Aug 28, 2017

Steel coils are both characteristic of steel plate and organic material. The mechanical strength and workability of the existing steel plate, as well as the organic material good decorative, corrosion resistance. Steel coil coating types can be divided into: polyester (PE) core factors, silicon modified polyester (SMP) steel coil, Galvalume Steel Coil polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to reduce production capacity, high weatherability polyester (HDP) steel coil, clinker sol.

Color steel materials are divided into five categories: packaging, household appliances, building materials, optical materials and decorative materials. Among them, Galvalume Steel Coil the best and most meticulous merger and reorganization of color steel materials are the highest production requirements. The basic concept of steel coil is also called color steel coil, the use of cutting-edge composite technology to combine steel and bright and rich color of the peritoneal height into one huge benefit, with a variety of materials good performance, Galvalume Steel Coil greatly improve the chemical stability of the material is difficult to alleviate, with more effective anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance. Steel coil not only has steel in flexibility, plasticity, pressure, wear-resistant, heat dissipation and high temperature excellent quality, at the same time in color, finish, feel and so also very prominent.

Steel coil is hot pressing, cold pressure molding for the roll, in order to facilitate the storage and transportation, convenient for a variety of processing, divided into hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil, steel roll to sell mainly for large customers, Galvalume Steel Coil the general user does not have the equipment or limited use.

Steel coil, also known as roll steel. Steel hot pressing, cold pressure molding for the roll-like. Galvalume Steel Coil In order to facilitate the storage and transportation, facilitate the processing of various processes (such as processing into steel, steel strips, etc.).