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Hot-rolled steel sheet what is it?

Feb 22, 2017

Slab in continuous casting slabs or blooms as raw materials, after walking-beam heating furnace heating, high pressure water descaling into rough mill, roughing the head, tail, and then into the finisher, computer controlled rolling, rolling through after cooling (computer-controlled cooling rate) coiling and coiling machine, straight hair volume. Straight hair a tongue-shaped head, tail and tail-like, thickness, width, poor accuracy, edge Ribbon, fold, pyramid and other defects. The volume weight is heavier, steel inner diameter is 760mm. (General pipe industry likes to use. ) Straight hair by the head, tail, edge cutting and straightening and flattening of multi-pass after finishing line, cutting board or heavy volumes, it becomes: flat hot-rolled steel plate, hot rolled coil, slit strip products. If descaling by pickling finishing roll of hot rolling and greased after a hot-rolled pickling sheet. The local tendency to substitute cold rolled sheet products, affordable, well received by the users.