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Hot rolled square steel manufacturer interpreted the cause for cold cracking hot rolled square steel

Feb 22, 2017

As we all know, hot rolled square steel refers to steel by hot rolling or processing into a square-section steel, divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled in two main points. However, the hot-rolled square steel why cold crack it? Just go and have a look below, and hope to be able to help you.
Because of the interaction and mutual influence of hot rolled square steel, forming cold crack of three main factors, one or two plays a leading role. Hydrogen-induced delayed cracking and hydrogen content has a direct relationship with the connector, temperature is an important factor to affect the escape of hydrogen diffusion, so hot-rolled square steel crack reason analysis is mainly temperature of.
Hot rolled square steel cold cracking in a more general form, it does not immediately appear after the main characteristic of welding, but after a few hours, dozens of hours or longer incubation period before the formation of cold cracks, due to a delay, so called delayed crack.