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Do you know the characteristics of hot-rolled

Feb 22, 2017

It is well known that hot-rolled steel in our lives often can be seen. So, how do you know the characteristics of hot-rolled? Here we go, look at it, want to be able to help you.
1. hot rolling can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. Hot-rolled metal plasticity, low deformation resistance, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the metal deformation.
2. hot rolled to improve the processing properties of metals and alloys, cast status of coarse grains broken significant crack healing, reducing or eliminating casting defects, will be cast into the deformation structure, improve processing performance.
3. hot rolled ingot is often used, reduction of rolling, not only improve productivity, but also to improve the rolling speed, continuous rolling process and automation to create the condition.
4. hot rolled cannot control very precisely the mechanical properties required by the product, microstructure and properties of hot-rolled products are not uniformly.
5. hot rolled product thickness is hard to control, control accuracy is relatively poor; hot-rolled products in the surface roughness Ra value of cold rolled products in 0.5~1.5 μ m. Therefore, hot-rolled products generally as cold rolling of billets.