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Disadvantages of hot rolling technology of stainless steel sheet

Feb 22, 2017

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel manufacturing processes have two, any kind of stainless steel are the two ways you can make, and why there can be made in two ways, it's because they each have shortcomings, has advantages, we can according to their own specific needs, select manufacturing method for more emphasis on which aspects of performance. Stainless steel hot rolling process is more common, Chinese parts network we know the advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling technology of stainless steel sheet.
Hot-rolled stainless steel plate advantages: ingot casting can damage, remove organisational some minor defects, grain refinement of steels, steel structure more closely and improve overall performance. This increase mainly reflected on along the rolling direction, making steel to some extent no longer isotropic; casting forming bubbles, cracks and loose some defects can be eliminated under high temperature or high pressure.
Many things that follow the principle of expansion and contraction, stainless steel plates, too, when weld, local contraction-induced strain to reach several times the yield point, this also caused much stress ratio loading. Addition is under great pressure, non-metallic inclusions of stainless steel plate, some sulfides or oxides are laminate, stratification occurs. Layering the steel thickness tensile performance deteriorated significantly, and may the weld contraction appears torn.
Another situation is if you use stainless steel hot rolling process, if uneven cooling, it will cause a residual stress. Residual stress in the absence of external force of self-equilibrium stress inside, lots of hot rolled stainless steel will in such cases, steel section size larger, greater residual stresses. Residual stress can keep his balance under normal conditions, but stainless steel and in many cases processed under external force is needed, would undermine the balance at this time. Such as deformation, stability, resistance to fatigue and other aspects of operation can cause a bad situation.