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An overview of cold rolling

Feb 22, 2017

Rolled in hot-rolled steel as raw materials, after descaling by pickling tandem cold rolling, its finished product rolling hard rolls, peening due to continuous cold rolling hard volume strength plastic index, increase hardness, toughness, so press performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformations of parts. Rolling hard rolls can be used as raw material for hot dip galvanizing plant, set for hot galvanizing annealing line. Rolling hard rolls weighing 6~13.5 tons, coil diameter is 610mm.
Cold rolling Board, volume should be subject to continuous annealing (CAPL units) or eliminate cold work hardening and annealing in Bell-type furnace for rolling stresses, meet the corresponding standards and mechanical properties.
Cold-rolled steel sheet surface quality, appearance, accuracy is better than hot-rolled plate, thickness right rolling thin to about 0.18mm and its products, so the majority of users. For products manufactured from cold-rolled steel coil base plate, high value-added products. Electric galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, fingerprint-resistant zinc plating, color coated steel coil and reduce vibration damping laminated steel sheet, PVC laminating plates, so that these products have good qualities of beauty, high corrosion resistance, has been widely applied. After annealing, the cold-rolled steel coil must be finished, including head, tail, trimming, straightening, flat, heavy volume, longitudinal or shear panels. Cold rolled products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, household appliances, instrument switching, construction and furniture industries.